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Anton Beitia

Mt Sinai Medical Center

Senior Data Analyst


United States

Board 61 - Mapping of HIE CT codes to LOINC - Analysis of Inconclusive Codes and Quantification of Mapping Times

Suresh Bhavnani




United States

Big Data Analytics, Data Mining, Human-computer Interaction, Information Visualization, Machine Learning, Precision Medicine, Systems Biology Identification, Replication, Visualization, and Interpretation of Patient Subgroups: Implications for Precision Medicine, and Predictive Modeling

John Bisognano

Washington University School of Medicine, Institute for Informatics

Student Researcher

St. Louis

United States

Clinical And Research Data Collection; Curation; Preservation; Or Sharing, Data Science, EHR-based Phenotyping Board 05 - Using Knowledge from Quality Measures for Predicting Mortality and Survival in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction

Cory Blackwell

National Center for Health Statistics

Board 01 - Achieving New Results with What Already Exists: Repurposing an existing standard and functionality to achieve new goals

Kathrin Blagec

Center for Medical Statistics, Informatics and Intelligent Systems, Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

MD, Research associate



Board 06 - Enabling pharmacogenomic decision support across seven European countries with diverse health IT infrastructures

Seth Blumenthal


Director, Data & Innovation


United States

And Regulatory Issues, And Vocabularies, Clinical Information Systems, Clinical Systems Implementation, Controlled Terminologies, Data Integration And Standardization, Health Information Exchange, Healthcare Quality, Informatics Implementation, Interoperability, Knowledge Representation And Information Modeling, Natural Language Processing And Text Mining, Ontologies, Stakeholder (i.e.; Patients Or Community) Engagement Improving Interoperability between Registries and EHRs, A Common Clinical Registry Framework to Promote Interoperability across Healthcare, Research, Population Health and Registries

Erika Bongen

Stanford University

Graduate Student


United States

Understanding Immune System Sex Differences Through the Transcriptome

John Borsi

IBM Watson Health Center for Applied Informatics

Data Scientist


United States

Clinical Research Informatics, Consumer Informatics And PHRs, Data Integration And Standardization, Data Mining And Big Data Analytics, Data Mining And Knowledge Discovery, Data Science, Database Technology, Informatics Implementation, Information Extraction And Retrieval, Machine Learning And Predictive Modeling, Mathematics And Statistics, NLP, Outcomes Research; Clinical Epidemiology; Population Health, Policy And Ethical Issues, Simulation And Modeling Board 07 - Computational Cost and Complexity of Implausible Value Detection Methods

William Bosl

University of San Francisco School of Nursing and Health Professions

Associate Professor

Walnut Creek

United States

Artificial Intelligence, Bioimaging Techniques And Applications, Biomarker Discovery And Development, Clinical And Research Data Collection; Curation; Preservation; Or Sharing, Clinical Decision Support Systems, Data Science, Medical Imaging, Pattern Recognition Crowdsourcing for Research EEG Annotation and Accuracy Estimation

Richard D Boyce

University of Pittsburgh

Associate Professor of Biomedical Informatics


United States

Clinical Decision Support, Knowledge Representation And Information Modeling, Patient Safety, Pharmacogenetics, Precision Medicine, Transitions Of Care Board 14 - A survey of strategies used by drug information experts to search for evidence about potential drug-drug interactions

Andrew Boyd

University of Illinois at Chicago

Associate Professor


United States

ICD-10 procedure codes produce transition challenges

Selen Bozkurt

Stanford University



United States

Board 08 - A Natural Language Processing Pipeline for Capturing Prostate Cancer Patient-Centered Outcomes
breitenstein_102017 - low res

Matthew Breitenstein

University of Pennsylvania

Instructor of Informatics


United States

Artificial Intelligence, Biomarker Discovery And Development, Data Mining And Knowledge Discovery, Drug Discovery; Repurposing; And Side-effect Discovery, EHR-based Phenotyping, Enterprise Data Warehouse, Integrative Omic Analysis, Machine Learning And Predictive Modeling, Mathematics And Statistics, Outcomes Research; Clinical Epidemiology; Population Health, Pharmacogenomics, Phenomics And Phenome-wide Association Studies, Precision Medicine, Transcriptomics Tandem Rank-Goodness of Fit is a Feasible Measure to Guide Agnostic Metabolic Profile Selection in Automated Machine Learning Applications, S32: Oral Presentations - EHR as a Catalyst for Reverse Translation in Population Science

Mathias Brochhausen

Department of Biomedical Informatics, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Associate Professor

Little Rock

United States

And Vocabularies, Controlled Terminologies, Interoperability, Knowledge Representation And Information Modeling, Natural Language Processing And Text Mining, Ontologies Board 09 - MPIO - A novel Minimum Potential drug-drug interaction Information Ontology implemented in OWL

Jeffrey Brown

Harvard Pilgrim

Associated Professor


United States

Board 44 - Cross Network Directory Service: Enabling Meaningful Collaboration Across Organizations

Diyue Bu

School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University, Bloomington

phD student


United States

Clinical Informatics, Clinical Research Informatics, Data Science, Translational Bioinformatics And Biomedicine Real-time Protection of Genomic Data Sharing in Beacon Services

Tim Bunnell

Nemours Alfred I duPont Hospital for Children

Director, Bioinformatics

Artificial Intelligence, EHR-based Phenotyping, Machine Learning And Predictive Modeling, Pattern Recognition -

Keith Burkhart


Senior Advisor for Medical Toxicology

Silver Spring

United States

S31: Panel - Towards Large-scale Predictive Drug Safety: A Systems Pharmacology Perspective

Nicole Burnett

University of Utah

Salt Lake City

United States

Board 10 - Towards a Molecular Basis of Exposomic Research

Alex Butler

Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons

New York

United States

The Data Gap in the EHR for Clinical Research Eligibility Screening