Name & Company Information Location Interests Events

Yi Zhen

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

PhD student


United States

Board 58 - Radiation Induced Adverse Events Reported in Radiation Therapy Studies

Kedi Zheng

Wake Forest University

Board 22 - Artificial Neural Networks of Lung Cancer TGCA Clinical Data for Predicting Patient Survival

Mu Zhou

Stanford University

Postdoctoral Fellow


United States

Artificial Intelligence, Medical Imaging Development of MRI-based Radiomics Signature for Predicting Molecular Subtypes in Medulloblastoma

Vivienne Zhu

Medical of South Carolina

Assistant Professor


United States

Artificial Intelligence, Clinical Decision Support Systems, EHR-based Phenotyping, Machine Learning And Predictive Modeling Board 59 - Detecting Mental Stressors from Clinical Narratives Using Natural Language Processing: A Feasibility Study

Noah Zimmerman

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Biomedicine and the Blockchain: What the FUD?

Michael Zimmermann

Medical College of Wisconsin

Director of Bioinformatics R&D


United States

Clinical Decision Support Systems, Clinical Genomics And Actionability Of Genomics, Data Integration And Standardization, Data Mining And Knowledge Discovery, Epigenomics, Information Visualization, Machine Learning And Predictive Modeling, Pharmacogenomics, Phenomics And Phenome-wide Association Studies, Precision Medicine, Systems Biology And Network Analysis, Transcriptomics Molecular Modeling and Simulations to Discern the Consequences of Rare and Polymorphic STING Variants
Zozus_Meredith pic

Meredith Zozus

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Associate Professor

Little Rock

United States

Clinical Research Informatics Track in the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Graduate Program in Biomedical Informatics, The Transition to Evidence-based Good Clinical Data Management Practices (GCDMP)