We are implementing a Canadian Pediatrics Diabetes Registry that draws data from existing clinical systems across the country and enables benchmarking of current clinical practices and patient outcomes across institutions and jurisdictions. The registry’s infrastructure is based on the model of a separate i2b2 repository in each province linked through a SHRINE network. Our work is in progress with a common data model defined, the British Columbia infrastructure established, and the Alberta one underway.

Learning Objective 1: Understanding the successes and challenges in implementing clinical registries across jurisdictions in the Canadian context.


Nelson Chan, Provincial Health Services Authority
Shazhan Amed, University of British Columbia
Daniel Metzger, University of British Columbia
Elizabeth Rosolowsky, University of Alberta
Rose Yeung, University of Alberta
Lawrence Richer, University of Alberta
Elodie Portales-Casamar (Presenter)
Provincial Health Services Authority

Presentation Materials: