Abstract: In 2016 Indiana University made a $120M investment in a Precision Health Initiative. This commitment requires a novel informatics infrastructure strategy with 3 conceptual components. A data commons captures and integrates phenome, genome, and exposome data. Applications driven by precision health use cases interact with the data through application programming interfaces. A customer relationship management platform provides metrics and connects communities of patients, investigators, and care providers.

Learning Objective 1: Attendees will learn how the unique mission of the Indiana University Precision Health Initiative drives the conceptualization, design, and implementation of its informatics infrastructure.

Learning Objective 2 (Optional): Attendees will learn about the architectural design and implementation of the Data Commons, a collaboration among the IU School of Medicine, Regenstrief Institute, and LifeOmic.

Learning Objective 3 (Optional): Attendees will gain useful and generalizable knowledge from Indiana University's experience in multi-institutional collaboration in implementing a scalable and responsive informatics infrastructure.


William Barnett (Presenter)
Regenstrief Institute

David Pierce, Indiana University School of Medicine
Tony French, Regenstrief Institute
Burke Mamlin, Regenstrief Institute
Paul Biondich, Regenstrief Institute
Shaun Grannis, Regenstrief Institute
Peter Embi, Regenstrief Institute
Tom Barber, LifeOmic
David Fuller, LifeOmic

Presentation Materials: