Abstract: We describe the implementation of an open and extensible framework linking patient provided mobile health and outcomes data to clinical events from multiple electronic health record systems. This participant-centric approach to the personal health management of chronic disease allows patients enrolled through mobile phone applications to define individual chronic care management health goals and share integrative views of their health progress and clinical events with their care team.

Learning Objective 1: This project will inform the attendee to the challenges in ownership, quality and security in acquiring clinical and mobile health data for reseach, and a framework to design and strategize for engaging patients in their own digitally monitored care.


Nick Anderson (Presenter)
University of California, Davis

Albert Riedl, University of California, Davis
Madan Dharmar, UC Davis
Meghana Gadgil, University of California, San Francisco
Micael Lehman, University of California, Davis
David Lindeman, University of California, Berkeley
Dan Gillette, University of California, Berkeley
Brad Pollock, University of California, Davis
David Haddad, Overlap health
Ida Sim, University of California, San Francisco

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