Oral Presentations

Blockchain Applications in Clinical Research

2:24 PM–2:42 PM Mar 13, 2018 (US - Pacific)

Market Street


Abstract: We propose a conceptual model for the application of blockchains to address key challenges in clinical research, including the high cost of managing and verifying critical study documents, and the need to build trust among stakeholders. We apply this model – which involves nodes, transactions, data and logic – to the management of the Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) in a multicenter clinical trial.

Learning Objective 1: design blockchains applications to address key challenges in clinical research


Bhargav Adagarla (Presenter)
Duke Clinical Research Institute

Asba Tasneem, Duke Clinical Research Institute
Tammy Reece, Duke Clinical Research Institute
Suresh Balu, Duke Institute for Health Innovation
Ashok Krishnamurthy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Brian McCourt, Duke Clinical Research Institute

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