Abstract Body: The All of Us Research Program is large effort to gather data from one million or more people living in the USA to accelerate research and improve health. It is an ambitious recruitment and coordination effort involving the various components of the program including: Biobank, regional Healthcare Provider Organizations (HPO), Data and Reseach Center (DRC), and Participant Technology Systems Center (PTSC). Informatics teams around the country work together to build interconnected systems that support seamless component of the All of Us operations: outreach and enrollment, participant-facing portals, sample management, data management including the ultimate exporting of participants’ EHR data to the national DRC using OMOP. The heterogeneity across local processes – organizational alignments in HPOs, existing informatics systems (both EHR and research), even local EHR privacy laws –- is mirrored in the heterogeneity of local challenges and solutions that have been developed so far. The panelists will each discuss their aspect of the process and lessons learned so far including any generalizable methods and shareable tools that would benefit the informatics community at large.


Firas Wehbe (Presenter)
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Robert Carroll (Presenter)
Vanderbilt University

Michael Gurley (Presenter)
Northwestern University

Shawn Murphy (Presenter)
Massachusetts General Hospital

Thomas Campion (Presenter)
Weill Cornell College of Medicine