Abstract: We improved yearly depression screening rates in our outpatient population by using context aware clinical decision support (CDS). We hypothesized that context aware workflow inline decision support would perform better than traditional pop-up driven decision support. In our workflow the PHQ-2 Questionnaire was presented directly into the nursing workflow section of our electronic health record (EHR). Using a rule based mechanism, the PHQ-2 was displayed based on the patient’s age, presence or absence of depression diagnosis, and whether the screen had been done in past year. Depression screening rates were compared with last year’s data which used a traditional pop-up based alert to direct the nurses to go to a screening section to complete their task. Rates were also compared to one department that did not move to the new decision support technique.

Learning Objective 1: Investigation of Clinical Decision Support and development of unique CDS techniques

Learning Objective 2 (Optional): Demontrate workflow improvoement techniques


Matt Rafalski (Presenter)
Heart of Texas Community Health Center

John Gill, Heart of Texas Community Health Center
Luke Barron, Heart of Texas Community Health Center

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