Abstract: A comprehensive analysis on the comorbidities of schizophrenia is lacking. Using a nationwide health insurance dataset, we identified many less-reported comorbidities of schizophrenia, including Alzheimer’s disease. We further demonstrated that many young schizophrenic patients suffered from tobacco use disorder and substance abuse before the onset of schizophrenia, indicating the need for psychiatric evaluation in young adults with issues of tobacco and substance use. Our analysis approach is generalizable to other psychiatric diseases and conditions.

Learning Objective 1: After participating in this session, the learner should be better able to:
* Appreciate the phenotypic diversity in schizophrenic patients.
* Understand ways to utilize insurance claims data set for clinical phenotype mining.
* Recognize the comorbidity patterns and subtypes of schizophrenia.
* Conduct systematic risk factors analysis for complex psychiatric diseases like schizophrenia.


Di Jin (Presenter)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Nathan Palmer, Harvard Medical School
Isaac Kohane, Harvard Medical School
Peter Szolovits, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kun-Hsing Yu, Harvard Medical School

Presentation Materials: