Abstract: Informatics from the Bench to Bedside (i2b2) is an open source clinical data analytics platform that is used at over 150 institutions for querying patient data. We have created an automated installation package, called i2b2-quickstart, which automatically downloads the latest i2b2 source code and dependencies, and compiles and configures the i2b2 cells to create a working i2b2 hive installation.

Learning Objective 1: Quick installation of i2b2 platform


Kavishwar Wagholikar (Presenter)
Harvard Medical School

Michael Mendis, Partners Healthcare
Pralav Dessai, University of California
Fernando Sanz-Vidorreta, University of California
Sindy Law, University of California
Michael Gilson, University of California
Stephan Sanders, University of California
mahesh vangala, UMass Medical School
Shawn Murphy, Harvard Medical School

Presentation Materials: