Abstract: Integrating automated pharmacogenomics clinical decision support (PGx CDS) in the electronic health record (EHR) has the potential to provide clinically relevant knowledge to clinicians and facilitate individualized patient care. Current implementation of PGx CDS has demonstrated clinical benefits. However, our past experience implementing PGx CDS in multiple EHR platforms identified several clinical, procedural and technical challenges impacting long-term maintenance. Herein, we share our initial experiences and lessons learned with Epic EHR functionality charting phenotypes as genomic indicators instead of using the patient problem list as criteria to incorporate phenotypes in PGx CDS.

Learning Objective 1: Learn new functionality in the electronic health record to facilitate pharmacogenomics implementation


Joseph Sutton (Presenter)
Mayo Clinic

Kelly Wix, Mayo Clinic
Amen Amusan, Mayo Clinic
Ann Moyer, Mayo Clinic
Mary Karow, Mayo Clinic
Wayne Nicholson, Mayo Clinic
Dustin Basel, Mayo Clinic
David Blair, Mayo Clinic
Mark Parkulo, Mayo Clinic
Pedro Caraballo, Mayo Clinic

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