Abstract: Messaging potential research participants using an EHR’s patient portal is a relatively new method of study recruitment. In piloting this method for the ADAPTABLE pragmatic trial, we aimed to (1) devise a method to track a single patient-participant’s identity through several systems and (2) determine whether using the patient portal is an effective method of study recruitment.

Preliminary results are promising: 5.5 percent of portal message recipients ultimately enrolled in ADAPTABLE. In contrast, letters only resulted in 1.5 percent of recipients ultimately enrolling.

Learning Objective 1: Apply UNC's patient portal recruitment workflow to electronic recruitment needs at your home institution.

Learning Objective 2 (Optional): Compare the success of electronic recruitment methods with more traditional study recruitment methods.


Emily Pfaff (Presenter)
UNC Chapel Hill

Adam Lee, UNC Chapel Hill
Robert Bradford, UNC Chapel Hill
Jinhee Pae, UNC Chapel Hill
Clarence Potter, UNC Chapel Hill
Paul Blue, UNC Chapel Hill
Patricia Knoepp, UNC Chapel Hill
Kristie Thompson, UNC Chapel Hill
Darren Dewalt, UNC Chapel Hill

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