Abstract: VenomSeq is a new transcriptomic analysis platform to enable drug discovery by exposing human cells to venoms and subsequently comparing their gene expression profiles to public expression profiles of known drugs. In this session we discuss VenomSeq’s technology and analysis methods, and present an open-source software package for generating, exploring, and visualizing the differential expression profiles. The code used in VenomSeq is modular and open-source, enabling reproducibility and reuse.

Learning Objective 1: Understand the connection between animal venoms and novel drug discovery.

Learning Objective 2 (Optional): Conceptualize the VenomSeq methodology and how it is used to generate differential expression profiles of human cell lines on exposure to dilute animal venoms.

Learning Objective 3 (Optional): Understand an approach to comparing novel differential gene expression profiles to expression profiles from public sources, and how to perform data quality assessment on the analysis results.


Joseph Romano (Presenter)
Columbia University

Hai Li, Columbia University
Ronald Realubit, Columbia University
Charles Karan, Columbia University
Nicholas Tatonetti, Columbia University

Presentation Materials: