Abstract: Sepsis mortality is heavily influenced by the quality of care in hospitals. Comparing risk standardized mortality rate (RSMR) of sepsis patients in different states in the US has potentially important clinical and policy implications. In the current study, we aimed to compare national sepsis RSMR using an interactive web-based dashboard. The web-based dashboard (https://sepsismap.shinyapps.io/index2/) is a cross platform and publicly available to anyone with interest in sepsis outcome, health inequality, and administration of state/federal health care. After extrapolation to the national level, approximately 35 million hospitalizations were analyzed for sepsis mortality each year. Our work has the potential to support health care transparency, information diffusion, health decision-making, and the formulation of new public policies.

Learning Objective 1: Apply the latest findings from research and development of informatics applications to support biomedical research.


Fong Ci Lin (Presenter)
National Taiwan University

Meng-tse Lee, National Taiwan University Hospital
Feipei Lai, National Taiwan University
Chien-Chang Lee, National Taiwan University Hospital

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