Abstract: Recent statistics indicate that the use of dietary supplements has increased over the years. Although being popular among consumers who use them for a variety of reasons, there have been limited clinical data-driven studies of the impact of dietary supplements on health outcomes. Challenges that impede such analyses in a comprehensive manner include either the sequestered nature of such data or their embedding within biomedical and clinical text. This study explored the feasibility to uncover patterns in the use of supplements, focusing on vitamin use among patients diagnosed with mental illness within patient records from the MIMIC-III database. The relevance of vitamin(s) was calculated at different levels of granularity and compared with association identified from Dietary Supplement Subset of MEDLINE. The results reveal insights into vitamin use for specific mental health related diagnosis and highlight challenges with identifying supplement information from clinical sources.

Learning Objective 1: Demonstrate use of informatics pipelines for studying health outcomes related to supplements from clinical notes and biomedical literature.


Vivekanand Sharma (Presenter)
Brown University

Indra Sarkar, Brown University

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