S02: TBI Student Paper Competition

3:30 PM–5:00 PM Mar 12, 2018

Market Street


Presentations Information:

Title: Pharmacogenomic Approaches for Automated Medication Risk Assessment in People with Polypharmacy

  • Jiazhen Liu (Presenter) - Steven Institute of Technology
  • Carol Friedman - Columbia University
  • Joseph Finkelstein - Columbia University

Title: Utility of Genetic Testing in Addition to Mammography for Determining Risk of Breast Cancer Depends on Patient Age

  • Shara Feld (Presenter) - University of Wisconsin
  • Jun Fan - Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Ming Yuan - Columbia University
  • Yirong Wu - University of Wisconsin
  • Kaitlin Woo - University of Wisconsin
  • Roxana Alexandridis - University of Wisconsin
  • Elizabeth Burnside - University of Wisconsin

Title: Comparing Existing Resources to Represent Dietary Supplements

  • Rubina Rizvi (Presenter) - University of Minnesota
  • Terrence Adam - University of Minnesota
  • Elizabeth Lindemann - University of Minnesota
  • Jake Vasilakes - University of Minnesota
  • Serguei Pakhomov - University of Minnesota
  • Jeffrey Bishop - University of Minnesota
  • Genevieve Melton - University of Minnesota
  • Rui Zhang - University of Minnesota

Title: Exploring the potential of direct-to-consumer genetic test data for predicting adverse drug events

  • Patrick Zhang (Presenter) - Brown University
  • Indra Sarkar - Brown University

Title: A Low Rank Model for Phenotype Imputation in Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Kelley Paskov (Presenter) - Stanford University
  • Dennis Wall - Stanford University

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